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Hardwoods, Berbers, Twists, Tiles, and Concrete Layering are the name of the game in flooring. Our team brings over four decades of under-foot excellence to our clients at prices that bring the Big DIY stores to their knees.

Before you get the Mart's (or the Depot's) marked-up costs to change your home, give us a call and see what a difference WMG can make for your home and budget. It'll impress your mind, wallet, and feet!


The unnoticed hero of home design and deck-modeling, carpentry excellence is the heart-and-soul of any project. What would you look like without bones? No remodel, flip, deck, or shed is secure until a trusted carpenter ensures a quality job is done within established standards, with permits in hand.

While our team of licensed carpenters may not have the most glamorous job in our company, the quality of their work is unsurpassed.


A good plumbing job normally goes unnoticed, but not by us. Our licensed, bonded, insured, and trusted plumbing team takes their job seriously, so you don't have to. Once our plumbers are done sealing, caulking, and installing, the only water our client's see is where that water is expected, and nowhere else.

From shower fixtures to under-sink 'J' drain pipes, no detail gets overlooked by our MVP's (most valuable plumbers).


Our passion lies right here. The favorite job of WMG staff are these jobs. Nowhere else in the contracting business can WMG flex it's collective muscle more than during a remodel or flip-and-sell job. The finished product shows off what we can do in all areas of trade-skill work, from carpentry and plumbing, to finishing work on painting, carpet, fixtures, trim, and cabinetry.

Our partners in the real-estate world know our name, and you can too. Give us a call for your next kitchen remodel, bathroom overhaul, or house-flip and see our portfolio of work.