epoxy/polyaspartic floor coatings

Transform your dull concrete floors into stunning low-maintenance surfaces. We offer two distinct styles of epoxy/polyaspartic floor coatings: granite-look and solid-color. Our unique granite-look floor coatings function as reproductions of natural granite, and our equally beautiful solid-color floor coatings deliver a classic monotone presentation. The floor coatings are suitable over both interior and exterior concrete surfaces, such as garage floors, industrial floors, and automobile shop floors.

Our granite-look floor coatings consist of two layers of epoxy resin, a layer of blended vinyl color chips, a layer of acrylic resin, and, finally, a layer of polyaspartic. Similarly, our solid-color floor coatings consist of two layers of epoxy resin and a layer of polyaspartic. By utilizing a polyaspartic finish coat, we are able to create a durable, non-yellowing surface that repels water and resists automotive fluids, petroleum products, chemicals, and UV rays. In addition, unlike garage floor paints, the floor coatings will not peel up under hot vehicle tires. Our floor coatings come with a limited 15-year warranty, and the removal of most stains simply involves the use of a paper towel.

Proper installation of floor coatings requires knowledge of surface preparation and application methods. We employ techniques that we have perfected over many years. If your concrete requires repairing, reshaping, and/or resurfacing, we are equipped to perform those services.

Within our comprehensive selection of granite-look coating blends and solid-color coating colors, you will find a floor coating that complements your surroundings.

Custom Cabinets

Cabinets offer an attractive means to store and organize a variety of items. Our cabinets feature superior materials and construction, adjustable shelves, and a range of configurations to easily accommodate your storage needs. In addition, we finish our base cabinets with sturdy tops that function as versatile work surfaces. Although our cabinets were designed for garage and shop use, we can install them in almost any indoor or weather-protected area.

We construct our cabinets from industrial-grade materials finished with thermally fused melamine on all exposed surfaces. For cabinets ordered with a stainless steel exterior, we affix a stunning stainless steel veneer to the outer cabinet faces. By combining one-inch-thick shelves, tops, and bottoms, 3/4-inch-thick doors and sides, 1/2-inch-thick interlocking backs, and various proven assembly methods, we are able to create exceptionally strong and rigid cabinets. Concealed European steel hinges and cast steel pull handles provide the finishing touches.

Our cabinets feature white interiors; maple, black, white, almond, gray, or stainless steel exteriors; and black, white, or chrome pull handles. Additional exterior finishes are available on a special order basis. We install our cabinets by screwing the backs directly into wall studs. Furthermore, to reduce the possibilities of water damage and pest infiltration, we suspend the cabinets approximately six inches above the floor.

Using our various wall and base cabinet components, you can design and we can construct custom storage and/or work areas of undeniable utility and quality.