Ground preparation

The ground preparation consists of surveying the existing terrain and landscaping, then removing any old landscape edging or other objects that may impede the installation process.

For this, we use a sod cutter which removes a strip of sod about nine inches wide and two inches deep. The sod cutter creates a uniformed and consistent trench to ensure that the installation process will be efficient.

Once the sod is removed, we will make sure the final trench is even and level so the final product will be smooth and installed in a professional manner that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Concrete Mixing

The next step of the process is to mix the concrete. All concrete is mixed on-site using a mortar mixer mounted on a trailer. You don’t have to worry about large concrete trucks tearing up your yard.

We use a special mixture recipe that includes several strengthening agents, and color of your choice.


The concrete extrusion process is probably the most unique process of the installation. We use a specialized machine that forms the concrete curbing as it is expertly guided along a trench we have previously prepared.

This method is know as ‘’free form’’, which means we can create any shape you desire. We have several concrete forms available to create different styles of the concrete curbing.

Concrete Finishing

Once the curbing has been extruded, we use finish trowels to make sure the concrete has a smooth finish with few imperfections. Because the concrete is still soft at this time, we can shape it and form it by hand if any changes need to be made.


As a final installation option, you may choose to have a pattern or texture imprinted into your curbing. We have a variety of different patterns for you to choose from. This additional step adds a lot of character to your finished landscape curbing. Once the curbing is finished smooth we use a molded roller with a pattern of your choice to create the desired impression on your curbing. In addition, we can use a tinted release agent, which creates a secondary color to accent your curbing color. This is a powdered agent that is used with the roller and adheres into the curbing. Once we apply the concrete sealer, it reacts with the tinted release agent and creates the secondary color in a unique pattern.


We will apply an acrylic, UV-resistant sealer that will preserve the color pigment within your curbing. The sealer also gives a rich color and a slight luster.

We recommend re-applying a sealer every other year to preserve the color. Curb
Appeal does offer a service package, which includes a bi-annual cleaning and sealing of your curbing.